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Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum (2010). The future of STEM curriculum and instructional design: A Research and development agenda for learning designers.
Confrey, J. and Krupa, E. (2010). Curriculum design, development, and implementation in an era of common core state standards:Summary report of a conference.
Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum. (2007). Report of a Survey of State Mathematics Supervisors: What influence has NCTM's Curriculum Focal Points had on state-level specification of learning goals for mathematics?
Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum. (2007). K-12 mathematics: What should students learn and when should they learn it? Conference Highlights.
Reys, B.J., Dingman, S., Nevels, N. & Teuscher, D. (2007). High School Mathematics: State-Level Curriculum Standards and Graduation Requirements.
Reys, B.J. (Ed.). (2006). Executive Summary: The intended mathematics curriculum as represented in state-level curriculum standards: Consensus or confusion? (full report available from Information Age Publishing)
Chval, K.B., Grouws, D., Smith, M., Weiss, I. & Ziebarth, S. (2006). Understanding the Use of Curriculum Materials: A Cross-Site Research Study Report.
Reys, B.J., Dingman, S., Sutter, A., & Teuscher, D. (2005). Development of State-Level Mathematics Curriculum Documents: Report of a Survey.

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