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Curriculum Resource Material (1894-1989)


Today's school mathematics curriculum has been influenced by many different factors. One major factor has been reports and recommendations offered by professional organizations and groups of academics in mathematics and mathematics education. These reports vary in scope and specificity, but they have created ebbs and tides that shaped the mathematics curriculum into the forms that exist today.

While current documents, such as Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, are easily accessed, many older yet important documents are more difficult to obtain for a variety of reasons. For example, some older documents are out of print. Some documents are available only in a few libraries. Some documents were never widely distributed. CSMC has created this online resource to help make some of these major documents accessible to interested parties.

CSMC faculty conducted an informal survey of a number of mathematics educators in an effort to identify documents that were instrumental in shaping mathematics curriculum as well as stimulating discussions and visions for mathematics curricula. The attached list was compiled and resources were created for each entry. No claim is made that this list is exhaustive.

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For each entry on the list, three resources were created.

  • A PDF of the actual report was prepared. Some reports were part of a larger report (such as the Committee of Ten Report in 1894) and in those cases the PDF is limited to the pertinent portions that discussed mathematics.
  • A brief summary of the document was written. This summary report was compiled by teams of faculty and doctoral students, and thus represents their judgment of the most salient elements of the report.
  • PowerPoint presentations were developed to facilitate a presentation and discussion. This PowerPoint was developed by faculty and doctoral students and used in courses at the University of Missouri and Western Michigan University.

These resources are provided as a service by the CSMC. Permission is granted to use any or all of these resources for educational purposes. Our hope is that these resources will be useful in helping others in the mathematics education community become more knowledgeable about the history of the evolving school mathematics curriculum in the United States.

This CSMC resource is a work in progress. Comments and suggestions regarding these resources and recommendations for other resources to be included are most welcome.

The following team of CSMC faculty and doctoral students contributed to the development of these resources.

University of Missouri Western Michigan University University of South Florida
Robert Reys
Barbara Reys
Óscar Chávez
Chris Hirsch
Steve Ziebarth
Denisse Thompson
Doctoral Students
Aina Appova
Jung Chih Chen
Shannon Dingman
Ryan Nivens
Travis Olson
Troy Regis
Angie Sutter
Dawn Teuscher
Junko Togashi
Doctoral Students
Nesrin Cengiz
Dana Cox
Jodi Edington
Karen Fonkert
Lisa Kasmer
Sandy Madden
Diane Moore
Shari Stockero
Todd Thomas
Doctoral Students
Jeff Barber
Gwendolyn Johnson
Keith Fisher

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