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Future Curricular Trends in School Algebra and Geometry

May 2-4, 2008
The University of Chicago and The Field Museum
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.


The Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum (CSMC) hosted its Second International Mathematics Curriculum Conference May 2-4, 2008, at the University of Chicago and The Field Museum. The theme of the conference was, Future Curricular Trends in School Algebra and Geometry.


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The conference featured experts from Australia, Europe, and South America, as well as speakers from the United States. They shared their visions for the teaching of school algebra and geometry. Attendees were able to meet the speakers at panels, discussion groups, meals, and at the Conference reception.

The following international speakers spoke on the topics listed below.

Algebra in Grades K-6
Romulo Campos Lins (Universidade Estadual Paulista, Brazil)
Elizabeth Warren (Australian Catholic University, Australia)

Algebra using Computer Algebra Systems (CAS)
Kaye Stacey (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Bernhard Kutzler (Austrian Center for Didactics of Computer Algebra, Austria)

Three-dimensional Geometry
Claudi Alsina (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)
Jean-Marie Laborde (Université Joseph Fourier, France)

Linking Algebra and Geometry
Keith Jones (University of Southampton, UK)
Colette Laborde (l'Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maitres, France)

In addition to the international speakers, the following United States-based speakers were confirmed.

Tom Banchoff (Brown University, Providence, RI)
Michael Battista (The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH)
Maria Blanton (University of Massachusetts, North Dartmouth, MA)
Diane Briars (Pittsburgh Reform in Mathematics Education Project, Pittsburgh, PA)
Doug Clements (University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY)
Al Cuoco (Center for Mathematics Education, Newton, MA)
Barbara Dougherty (University of Mississippi, University, MS)
Joan Ferrini-Mundy (NSF, Arlington, VA and Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI)
Jim Fey (University of Maryland, College Park, MD)
M. Kathleen Heid (The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA)
Nick Jackiw (KCP Technologies, Emeryville, CA)
Jim Mamer (Rockway Middle School, Springfield, OH)
William McCallum (The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ)
Diane Resek (San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA)

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