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Common Core State Standards (CCSSM)
CCSSM document published in June 2010.

An Agenda for Action: Implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Leaders of three NSF-sponsored conferences that focused on implementation of CCSSM collaborated to produce a set of priority recommendations spanning the three conference themes. The recommended actions are intended to inform agencies, foundations and other interested parties regarding important steps to achieve the goals of the CCSSM initiative, namely to improve mathematics learning opportunities for all students.

Mathematics Common Core Toolbox
This site is a resource designed to support districts working to meet the challenge and the opportunity of the new standards. Here you will find tools and instructional materials that help you to better understand and to implement the CCSSM.

Priority Research Agenda for Understanding the Influence of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
This report details the rationale for, and recommendations of, a priority research agenda for understanding the influence of the CCSSM. It concludes with methodological considerations for carrying out the proposed agenda. The priority research agenda was developed by Horizon Research, Inc., with broad-based input from mathematics education and policy researchers.

Core Challenge Community
The Core Challenge is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on creating an advanced learning community with an initial focus on providing resources for the transition to the common core mathematics standards scheduled for 2014.

NCTM resources for CCSSM
NCTM has prepared an overview PowerPoint presentation and other presentations for Pre-K–Grade 3, grades 4–5, grades 6–8, and high school to inform teachers and to support them in implementation of the Common Core Standards.

Learning Progressions (J. Confrey)
To support the implementation of standards in classrooms, mathematics education experts Drs. Jere Confrey, Alan Maloney and Kenny Nguyen created Learning Trajectory posters to help K-12 educators.

Progressions within CCSSM (McCallum)
This project is organizing the writing of final versions of the progressions documents for the K–12 Common Core State Standards. The work will be undertaken by members of the original work team of the progressions and also by mathematicians and educators not involved in the initial writing.

Textbook Analysis Tool (Alignment with CCSSM)
A set of mathematics curriculum analysis tools for K-12 textbook adoption committees, school administrators, and K-12 teachers to analyze mathematics curriculum materials with regard to their alignment to the newly developed Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Turn On Common Core Math
Website including materials assembled by Jere Confrey team at NC State.

CCSSM - Illustrative Mathematics Project
Provides guidance to states, assessment consortia, testing companies, and curriculum developers by illustrating the range and types of mathematical work that students will experience in a faithful implementation of the Common Core State Standards, and by publishing other tools that support implementation of the standards.

Illustrations of the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice
The "Inside Mathematics" website provides web-accessible video clips which illustrate the CCSSM mathematical practices.

Math Common Core Coalition website
Seven organizations have collaborated to form the Mathematics Common Core Coalition to provide expertise and advice on issues related to effective implementation and assessment of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

Conference Report: Curriculum Design, Development, and Implementation in an Era of Common Core State Standards
Key stakeholders met to discuss curriculum-related work needed in response to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Conference Report: Supporting Implementation of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics - Recommendations for Professional Development
Recommendations intended to support large-scale, system-level implementation of professional development initiatives aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

Conference Report: Moving Forward Together: Curriculum & Assessment and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Understanding a critical need for collaboration among mathematics curriculum experts and assessment consortia representatives, a conference was convened to facilitate the sharing of information and next steps that must be taken for both groups to realize the evidence-based design they both identify as a driving component of their development and design process.

Teachers Companion to Measurement in the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics - July 2011 draft - by Jack Smith & Funda Gonulates
This document was written to provide guidance to K-8 teachers and those who work directly with them in support of their instruction in mathematics and science in interpreting the measurement strand of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics

State-Level CCSSM Standards and Timelines for Implementation
Links to state departments of education websites, providing state versions of CCSSM and/or timelines for implementation of CCSSM.

Implementation of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics: State Plans and Needs
2010 report of a survey of state supervisors of mathematics regarding needs and plans associated with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.